Unispan Records, established in 2016, exists to provide Hofstra University students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience operating record label while simultaneously acting as an independent entity in the music industry.

Unlike other college record companies, Unispan Records is composed of students of all majors who express interest in pursuing a career in the music business. These students operate in different departments that collaborate on the label’s various projects. After a competitive application process, 20 new and qualified students are chosen every Spring semester to become part of Unispan Records alongside previous students who wish to continue their work with the label.

The idea for the record label was developed by the Director of Operations at Hofstra’s Center for Entrepreneurship, Sharon Goldsmith, who supervises the students as they seek to sign an artist and record, distribute and promote their music. The students are also guided by several executives-in-residence, including Art Director for Universal Music Group Alberto Erazo, Project Manager at Def Jam Recordings Angel Martinez, Vice President of A&R at Atlantic Records Riggs Morales, President of Varran Media LLC Andre Morris and Editor-in-chief of XXL Magazine Vanessa Satten.

Unispan Records’ first signed artist is the Brooklyn-based rapper, IzzeYe. With Unispan Records, IzzeYe wrote and recorded a five-track EP titled Allusions, received media coverage from Newsday, opened for Lil Wayne at Hofstra’s annual Fall Festival and released a music video for the EP’s first single, “It’s Okay.”

KarmaRé, a dark-pop singer/songwriter from Long Island, is the second artist signed to Unispan Records. She has since released her newest EP, Mood Ring and opened for Flo Rida at Hofstra’s annual Fall Festival.

Rian Wyld, Unispan Records most recently signed artist, is a rapper/songwriter out of New York. Her recent single Becoming revealed her pregnancy to her beloved fans.