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Rian Wyld

Rian Wyld’s first release with Unispan Records, “Becoming”, is all about turning into a who she is destined to be. Both the single and music video announce her pregnancy to her fans:

 “This had to be the first song because it’s about my life.” Through tragedy and triumph she claims to be singing to encourage herself to be the best version of herself that she can be. “Young mothers are looked down upon a lot but in reality it doesn’t matter how it happened. You’re doing something amazing by creating life. You’re looking at a queen.”

Rian Wyld, born Iman Joyce Gray, is a hip-hop/soul MC, Songwriter & Producer emerging out of New York. From losses to win, dreams & aspirations, family & tragedy, Rian writes from her life experiences in a way that captivates & inspires listeners. With an impeccable flow, hard hitting punch lines, and melodic hooks, the young FemCee has been inspired by greats such as Lauryn Hill, Rapsody, J. Cole & Chance The Rapper.


The energy you put into this world will come back to you eventually. This is the mantra of Hofstra University alumna KarmaRé, a recording artist based in Brooklyn. Rachel Karmel, 24, whose stage name is a combination of her first and last name, truly believes that the world gives and takes accordingly. This is reflected in her music.

KarmaRé describes her music as “dark folk pop” and draws inspiration from artists like Lorde, Lana Del Ray and Troye Sivan. Turning potential subtweets into songs, she recently released a music video for her debut single, “Not Fazed,” along with a subsequent, five-track EP of the same name.

“Not Fazed” is currently available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and other major music retailers and streaming services. Her music video for “Not Fazed” is currently available on YouTube and her website.

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